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Migalen Ofline
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Fun with Apple Card

Posted: 1 year ago - Sep 21, 2022

I doubt this will be an epic but I figured I need to record this for posterity just in case they screw up and send me four of the brand new Apple AirPods two the second generation of noise canceling Apple goodness. I think the first hint that something was wrong came when I received four lanyards in the mail by express mail so I had to be there to sign dressed no came when I received four lanyards in the mail by express mail so I had to be there to sign dressed all fancy.

Friday goes by I can lanyard. Monday comes bye I got another lanyard. Tuesday and I get another FedEx truck pulling into my driveway to deliver me a lanyard. Finally I am intrigued and of course so is the FedEx guy because I keep getting these perfectly tiny little packages that way practically nothing but he’s got a haul his vehicle all the way out to my place just ahead of me something as fast as possible which while I’m dictating this and listening to Fiona Apple fast as you can because I thought it would be funny.

to take a reference from clue long story short ha ha too late apparently on the day when I could order my Apple Watch the fascinating Apple watch ultra for diving so OK that’s in the queue then I start putting in the AirPods just one pair and just one lanyard. So now that I’m curious I call Apple and I find out that there is no way that I ordered just one.

Apparently my ears needed to have four pairs of the brand new Apple AirPods to noise canceling at the price of $249 plus Apple protection plus express shipping. I look at my Apple card and I see that I’ve been charged for for pairs of Apple AirPods and I had to give them a call because of course that’s just how Apple rolls.

thank goodness for a company with a massive amount of market capitalization puts money into customer service because the moment I called they already knew something was wrong based on my previous spending and purchasing habits. So luckily I had called before they shipped them they were in pre-shipping Whatever that means I guess that means it’s on someone’s desk to be shipped but then again this is Apple so it must be in a gigantic warehouse somewhere where all of the technology is stored under lock and key until the appointed date and time which it can be set forth upon the world at large

Needless to say they credited my account they froze the other three from being sent fingers crossed and gave me all the extra lanyards complementary so everything worked out. Now I just have to wait for the new watch ultra I have to remember that it’s an ultra watch!

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