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next saturday july 23, 2022

Posted: 1 year ago - Jul 17, 2022

on satuday july 23, 2022 i will be receiving 2 female sugar gliders named hono and lulu, i will be calling them jane and judy. the lady contacted me asking if i could take them. her husband asked for a divorce and he is keeping the house, she moved out into an apartment that doesnt allow pets so she has to go to his house to feed and take care of them.since she moved out they have been either over grooming each other or lulu is a self mutilator ill know more saturdaytomorrow is planned for getting a cage ready, making toys and an open environment pouch.then the monday after i get them they will go to the vet for exams, then given a few days to acclimate to being here then we will start the bonding process. the diet they are is bml supplemented with fruits, so i will be adding in veggies to complete the diet.

she is bringing me them, and all their things, no sure what is included. hopefully a spare wheel.

after the first week of bonding im going to start introductions to my two girls i have currently wilma and betty.

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